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Ngo Dinh Diem (part 7)

 Ngo Dinh Diem and his cat's-paws's cruel policy led to people’s meetings against Diem in the South, especýpl by pupils, students, Buddhist monks and nuns and patriot, The movement of anti Diem become more drastically siati Ha Minh Tri had shot Diem in an unsuccessful assassination in Buon Ma Thuot on May 21st, 1957...
Previously, after two unsuccessful coups d’etat madt by Saigon generals and officers, on November the 1st 1963, armed forces led by Gen. Duong Van Minh setup “Revolutionary Army Council” and they attacked Gil Long Palace, executing a coup d’etat to overthrow Nge Dinh Diem’s dictatorial regime. As per Americans at ranged. Diem and his younger brother were killed by troops who were in charge of overthrowing them at noon on November 02nd while they were being escorted from Cha Tam (Tam Assou) Church in Cholon on the way to the General Staff which was general headquarters of rebel troops. (Initially, their corpses were buried in the General Stall. Several years later, they were transferred to Mac Dinh Chi cemetery. At last, they were laid m presently called the municipal graveyard at LaiThieuy After Diem and Nhu’s death, politics in the South changed to a new stage.

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