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Discover the excitement of Lao cuisine

Laotian cuisine is impressed by the freshness of the food and the combination of natural spices in each dish. The way of processing is not fussy but creates frugal dishes with different and unique flavors. It may not be as interesting as enjoying the traditional food in the country through the "circuit Laos"

Lao people especially like to eat sticky rice (khao nieu) with practical meaning to help long and ensure a body full of energy throughout the working day. They used a small handful of grains of rice to fill the dipping sauce or serve with food. This rustic way of eating, according to the Lao people will help people eat the full flavor and sweet taste of each grain of glutinous rice. I was told that Lao meals were usually full of family members, they laid the mat on the floor and ate together. Many rice dishes, often sticky rice, spicy soup and dishes made from beef, pork, river fish and poultry are flavored with many delicious aromas.

Most people think that because they are close together, Lao food is like Thai food. However, if the Thai food impressed me by the sweet-spicy-sour taste characteristic; Lao food with the salty-spicy-sour taste is decisive, the food so strong but not dense sweet taste of sugar.
"Lạp" is a popular and famous dish of Lao people. "Lạp" (in Lao means bud) is made from beef, deer, river fish finely chopped or thinly sliced, blanched and then re-mixed with spices, chopped mint and lemon juice, do not use sugar, bitter taste difficult to resist. The green papaya salad (Tam Maak Hung) looks quite similar to Thai Sontum salad, but the Lao way of cooking is quite special: Papaya, egg-plant, cowpea, ... are put together into a mortar, pounded with chili, garlic, lime juice, salt, ... to permeate. Spicy soups and roasted fish are also worth a try.
Leaving Saigon this time, not only remember the sweet southern voice, remember the coffee ice cream sidewalk, miss the noodle bowl of fresh water, remember the rice cake with aromatic nose, I also lingering flavor Laos dishes In Khao Lao. Remember the simple, simple from the form to the processing; remember the bitter spicy taste of pepper, garlic, lemon, chili, the scent of coriander and the delicious taste of each dish.

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