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Chual Chnam Thmey - Traditional Cambodian Festival

Chual Chnam Thmey is a traditional New Year festival of the Khmer ethnic people. The morning of the festival people will participate in exciting water splash festival, at night visitors will be watching the sunset.
The Khmer believe that every year there will be a god down in heaven to care for human life in that year, end of the year back to heaven and another god down to take care of their lives. That is the time of the community water splash festival. And a lot of other exciting activities such as burning chimneys, burning the lamp, old people will sit and tell tales and myths for their children.
Unlike other countries, New Year is usually held in January to February, but here the New Year celebrations usually take place in April, traditional Cambodian New Year usually has the glamorous Apsara dance and enjoy together strong flavor attractive traditional foods and jars of palmyra alcohol. Arrive in 4 days 3 nights Cambodia itinerary, the tourists also admire the magnificent Angkorian wonder, Angkor Wat city with skyscrapers.
In the morning of the Chual Chnam Thmey festival people will join in the exciting splash water festival, at night to watch the sunset and traditional Khmer dance performances. For the people in the New Year instead of the wishes, the people will harmonize with the joy of the community water flush together, regardless of religion, ethnicity, color of skin ... Cambodians concept that if the more water you is splashed, in the new year the more lucky you are.
Chual Chnam Thmey festival in Cambodia also takes place in 3 days. The first day is called Chol Sây Kran Thmây. On this day, people will bathe cleanly, wear beautiful costumes and bring offerings such as incenses, lamps to the temple worship, many families also organize visits to grandparents, parents to pay homage. Compared to the Vietnamese, the first day of the Cambodian is quite similar to New Year in Vietnam.
The second day of the Cambodian festival is called Wanabat, where people will hold many rituals, especially the ritual of welcome the new year, firstly will take the Mahasoongkran, the Khmer big agricultural calendar. Leading the procession is the majestic procession, then people will focus on the temples to prayer and wait the goddess of the new year and participate in exciting folk games such as tug of war, singing,...
The third day of Chual Chnam Thmey is the day of Laeung Saka, families will offer rice and water in the morning and at noon to the monks in the temple. And make the Buddha bathe ceremony, this is one of the rituals of worshiping the Buddha and people's devotion to the gods and praying for good luck and happiness will come to them in the new year.

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