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Cheap tourist destinations in 2017

1. Vietnam
Marybeth Bond - writer, author, explorer and founder of The Gutsy Traveler has chosen Vietnam as an attractive destination in Southeast Asia for tourists who want to travel with a moderate budget. Vietnam has plenty of flat bones, low lodging prices and several tourist attractions. Guests can enjoy local cuisine in Hanoi, kayak on the emerald waters of Halong Bay or relax in Hoi An and nearby beaches. Ms. Marybeth also advises travelers that they must take the time to eat a bowl of pho on a public street and drink a beer. If you are already interested in a trip to Vietnam, Vietnam tour holidays will make you happy.
2. Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa is a developed tourist destination with a solid infrastructure. You can use the Uber taxi service to Cape Town to get around during the day with a price under 20 USD. The prices of Hotels are not expensive: the price of standard rooms at a luxury hotel here is only about 260 USD, compared to the price of about 800 dollars for a similar room in New York.
3. Santiago, Chile
South America is the dream of most travelers. And 2017 will be a year of Santiago with delicious food, wine and beautiful scenery. You can be seduced by small towns by the lake in Puerto Varas. From Puerto Varas, you can drive to the top of the volcano, admire the waterfall, taste delicious cakes here. And most importantly, everything is really cheap.
4. Bali, Indonesia
Bali has dozens of great values that can serve visitors. Here you can rent a private villa overlooking the vast rice fields for only 50 USD per night. Not only that, the price of fresh food, travel and spa are quite low compared to other places in the area.
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