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3 tourist destinations should come when traveling Thailand

Thailand is a destination that many young people love and choose as holiday destinations. When you come to Thailand, you will admire the great beauty of the Golden Temple country. And if you travel Thailand itinerary 2 weeks, do not forget to visit the following three tourist sites!
Vinamek wooden palace
Vinamek Palace is called the wooden palace because the palace is made of teak yellow is very beautiful and largest in the world. The  Vinamek former palace was the royal palace of Thailand built by King Rama V in 1901. The palace is located in the suburbs and is an ideal foot refuge for visitors to avoid the hustle and bustle of Bangkok in the summer.The architectural style of the Vinamek palace was built in Thai style only the king bed is designed in European style.
When visiting the Vinamek wooden palace, visitors must buy the ticket with price of 100 bath per person including tour guide fee, besides, visitors will visit 13 other buildings in Dusit garden. Within each building is a mini museum displaying hundreds of years old artifacts.
Sheep farm
The sheep farm is located in Pattaya, a province with developed agriculture. Thailand is well-known for combining industries with tourism and the sheep farm as a unique combination of tourism.
Going to the Pattaya sheep farm, visitors get caught up in a European pasture with blue hues of grassland, white sheep, small houses and a windmill. Come here, visitors will be directly watching, touching the sheep, feeding them and taking pictures with these lovely sheep.
This is also an attractive tourist destination for children. They will learn a lot more when they are feeding lambs, drinking milk, observing the wool collection process, learning about reproduction, etc.
Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach brings guests a new experience when it comes to Thailand. This is one of the two most beautiful beaches in Pattaya, from a small fishing village that now rises to one of the places having the most high buildings in the country.
When you come to Jomtien beach, in addition to swimming at the beach beautiful, guests also take part in many water sports such as windsurfing, sailing sports, rowing, skateboarding ...

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