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From A to Z about smoky snack in Sai Gon

 Smoky snack is a new and special iced snack which attracts and arouses the curiosity of those who crave of Saigon’s street food. This dish is sold with the price of $1 per glass along many streets’ pavement in district 4, in Cach Mang Thang ...

“Obama’s bun cha” fever spread to Singapore with double price.

 Last month, the famous chef Anthony Bourdain posted a picture of his attractive dinner with American president Barack Obama. It was captured in a stall in Hanoi visit. “ $6 Bun cha dinner with the president. I hit the bill.” After that, in ...

Geometry and matter

‘Ubi materia, ibi geometria. ’ Johannes Kepler   We now consider the four-dimensional geometry of General Relativity. It is essential to understand that space-time is curved and not just space. Riemann had already tried to make ...

A theory in the air

  It takes none of the credit from Einstein to emphasise that at the turn of the century a good number of physicists were well aware of the crisis in physics brought on by Michelson and Morley’s experiments. Some of them, such as Hendrik Lorentz ...

Force fields

Planetary motion can be calculated, because we know that bodies attract each other in proportion to their masses and as the inverse square of their separation. But this leaves unanswered more profound questions such as the nature of the force of gravity, how ...

The mid-European countries

 The mid-European countries are Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Austria. Together these countries make up the heartland of Western Europe. France   The French people are very proud of ...

Europe between two World War

 In January 1919, representatives from 27 nations gathered in Paris to write a peace agreement. However, the losers of the war were not invited to attend. The Germans, the Austrians, and the Ottoman Turks had no say in making peace. The Russians were not ...

The spread of Industrial Tecnology

 By 1850, Britain was producing two thirds of the world’s coal and over half of its iron and cotton cloth. Most of the ships on the world’s oceans were British. They carried British goods to all parts of the world. They brought home the raw ...

The Golden Age of Europe

 An Era of New Ideas One day a fascinating idea occurred to Leonardo da Vinci.  Quickly he opened his notebook and wrote this message: “Dissect the bat, study it carefully, and on this model construct the machine.” The machine that ...

Back to the kings and queens

 Feudalism was a system of government that worked well as long as the rulers of Europe needed help in fighting off invaders. When that threat ended and life became more secure, a new type of government developed. As more people moved to towns and cities, ...

The Geography of Europe

 Europe is a small continent—smaller than any other except Australia. In fact, some geographers say Europe is not really a continent at all. Instead, they view it as a peninsula that reaches westward from the giant landmass of Eurasia. The name ...

A time of Changes of the Roman Republic

   The Romans contributed much to world culture and society. Some of their most outstanding acheivements, however, were in the field of engineering and architecture. Direct students attention to the diagram on page 104. Especially amazing were ...

Life in the Roman Republic

In the early years of the Republic, the Romans lived very simply. Many were farmers who worked small plots of land. Even those who were well-to-do preferred to live in simple houses with only a few rooms. Couches, tables, and a few stools were the only ...

Asoka and the Edicts

  As you have known, Asoka became the ruler of the northern part of India in about 272 B.C. Like his grandfather Chandragupta, Asoka was a warrior. At first, he too depended on a mighty army and a vast network of spies. These helped him control his ...

Strong Leaders

In time, several villages started working together, especially to build dams and catch basins. After all, everyone suffered if there was too much or too little water. Slowly some leaders began to organize the work of several villages. This was the beginning ...

Culture regions

   Types of Regions One way places can be grouped is in climate regions. Climate is the usual weather of a place over many years. Look at the climate map of your country. What type of climate does it have? Another way to group places is in ...

History: a guide for decision making

 Look out your window. The world you see has vastly changed from the world of your childhood. The pace of world events is accelerating faster than headline can report. More than ever, we must be keenly aware of our place in the global community, our ...

The comic playwright of genius

Aristophanes (c. 448-c. 380 B.C.) was the greatest of the Greek comic playwrights. He lampooned Athenian statesmen and intellectuals, censured government policies, and protested against the decay of traditional Athenian values. Behind Aristophanes’ ...
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