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Wednesday, 01 July 2015
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Moon Garden - Vietnam

Address : Ky Son village, (55 km from Hanoi, 5 km from Duong Lam village and Mia Pagoda)
City : Ha Noi
Country : Vietnam

Information in details

The house romantically named Vuon Trang (Moon Garden) offers visitors not only a peaceful atmosphere of Hanoi suburban but a specious chance to really join in and explore daily activities of Vietnamese in countryside.
The house is designed strictly following the Viet ancient architectural style with 3 double beds (1.6mx2m) + 1 extra bed (1mx1.8 m) + 2 toilettes (1 toilet inside + 1 toilet outside) + kitchen. The surrounding is design with vegetable Bed room Bed room garden, small pond, bonsai garden, and playground in front of welcome house where will be the perfect place for enjoy fragrant Vietnamese tea under moonlight in full moon evenings.
With the concept of preserving the quite and peaceful atmosphere and avoid the mass tourism attack to countryside, we decided the maximum capacity of Moon Garden is at 4 adults in double and 3 children. This group size is large enough for funny team-joining activities while small enough to avoid noisy and disturb to neighbors.

Duong Lam is 50km to the west of Hanoi. The unique village, which was recognized as a National Cultural - Historic Relic, has houses which are around 200 years old. Of the nine hamlets within Duong Lam Village, Dong Sang and Mong Phu have maintained the most ancient houses: 441 and 350, respectively, among the total 956 traditional houses. The old Duong Lam Village is famous for its homes made of laetrile, a type of red soil. Most of these houses have their own courtyards surrounded by a laetrile wall.

Ancient wooden houses: Elegantly and comfortably restored

+ 1 house with 2 double beds and 2 extra beds, 1 inside bathrooms, 1 outside bathroom.
+ 1 house with 2 private rooms and 1 living room, 2 inside bathrooms.
+ 1 house with 2 private rooms and 1 living room, 3 inside bathrooms.
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