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Vientiane - The Capital of Laos

Vientiane, capital of Laos is Asia's biggest village.  Busy and hectic in comparison to the rest of the country, it is quiet compared with any other city in Asia.  Vientiane, as all of Lao's major cities, is situated on the Mekong river which forms the lifeline of the country.  Vientiane is the hub for all travel in the country.  The city has a population of 450,000, about 10% of the country.
  • Vientiane is a city full of surprises.  Here you can find fields of rice and vegetables, agriculture hidden behind tree lined avenues.  French Colonial architecture sits next to gilded temples.  Freshly baked French bread is served next to shops selling noodle soup.
  • There is little modern in Vientiane.  Old French colonial houses are being restored as offices and as restaurants and hotels. There are only a handful of modern buildings which sometimes look remarkably out of place in this quiet capital.
Vientiane Attractions
That Luang
The most famous landmark of Vientiane is That Luang (Royal Stupa) which was constructed in 1566 by King Setthatirat and restored in 1935.   The stupa is situated 3km north of the centre of the city.

Patuxai (Anousavary) - Victory Monument
The Victory Monument is situated at the north end of Lane Xang Avenue and resembles Paris' Arc de Triomphe - as it is sometimes known.   During the day, the monument can be climbed and makes an excellent vantage point of the city.

Wat Xieng Khouang (Buddah Park)
Buddah Park is situated about 25 minutes drive outside the centre of the city.  Although not an old temple, it is nevertheless fascinating for its huge structures that combine Buddhist and Hindu Philosophies.

Wat Sisaket
This temple features over 6,800 buddah images which are all ritually cleansed at the time of the Lao new year.  The temple was built in 1818 and is the oldest surviving temple in Vientiane.

Lao Revolutionary Museum
The museum is housed in a large French colonial building and shows a collection of artefacts, photographs and paintings of the history of the Lao People's Revolution.

Wat Ho Prakeo
Situated next to the Presidential Palace, this temple was the temple of the former Lao Royal family.  Formerly, the temple was the home of the emerald Buddah that was stolen by the Thais in 1778 and now resides in Bangkok.

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