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Mia Pagoda

Location: Mia Pagoda is located in the sugarcane village commune, Lam Road, City Son Tay, Ha Noi. Don't miss Mia Pagoda during your Vietnam Vacations while visiting Ha Tay Province.
Features: The entire temple was built with wood you have the architecture's word "the". In the pagoda has many Buddha pho unique, showing the super high art by artists of casting, n?n, engraved groove.

Chua Mia also name is Sung Nghiem Tu. It was built by the Tran. Up to 17 century, the pagoda was dilapidated, many completely wasted. Year Long Duc fourth (in 1632), Nguyen Thi Dong, married Lord Trinh Trang (1632 - 1657), standing to the renaissance and rebuilding. She was on target to worship at the pagoda, the people honor called princess Mia. The pagoda is located on a rocky hills ong, large scale, is separated into three fold separating me. Is outside the steeple, and a piece of ground which, in the right tree has a few hundred years old, spread the sum sue masked a wide range, giving the landscape a pagoda Mia quiet cool and versatile Thieng. Through a gate to a brick row house is a passive man (where's the professor). Next to the main area is included on the Bai, Ha Pagoda, the Pagoda and electricity.

At a street bái a broken beer has been used to start acidulated (1632). Broken gravestone is height than 1.6 m, width 1.2 m is placed on a stone turtle do so as we remember the turtle in the stele of Khuê Temple. The content of beer records broken the German princess Mia pagoda construction. This is one good beer is good to save today.

Pagoda Pagoda in Ha and connected by two rows corridor surrounding the upper obtain electricity, the architectural pattern of threads. Here, all the seats made of wood are very beautiful sculpt.

Nearby steeple and trees have written is a tower of products Contact Cuu Hoa 13m high expectations Xa Loi worship Buddha. Court steeple follow architecture husband eight matches two storey roof. The corners are each attached to dao. Wood floors, in floor gác have to rail transport. Of long, xà nách cells are pink and hit next decorating project are. This beer has a good year in 1621, a broken beer in 1750. Gác suspended on a busy through the year Canh Hung fourth (1745) Day one of us casting in the sixth (1846). In Mia pagoda, many beneficiaries, with 287 large and small colossus, the colossus 6 contract, 106 and timber colossus colossus with 174 training is the son of steel painted gold. The colossus whether this is casting, n?n or engraved are also shown the high art through craft, the flowers of the ancient workers. Many colossus is the art created in the image. Typically at the court of a power of eight colossus gun Diamond made the training. Each colossus is a martial image tu?ng are in preparation for the fight to protect exorcize Dharmas. Image blocks, layout firm, body's balance, sharpness road comfort and health. If Tay Phuong Pagoda in the colossus La Han described the heart of the people, the pagoda of sugarcane colossus gun Diamond also be considered as typical of the arts, has described looks, the figure rich upper martial spirit.

In addition, in two rows corridor also works great colossus like Tuong Tuyet Son (0.76 m high), as in the Snow in Son Tay Phuong Pagoda.

Highlights of the pagoda is Mia Tong Quan Âm Tu (0.76 m high), often called the Ba ocular. This subject described a woman modest, with grace, of boring but at very lenient, ?m a baby kháu kh?nh offset press. Road features engraved soft, machine sliding.

With art sculpture and architectural uniqueness, scale and be the beautiful, Mia pagoda is of Culture - Information is ranked relics architectural art.

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