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Keo pagoda

Keo pagoda locates in Duy Nhat Commune, Vu Thu District, Thai Binh Province. It is ranked one of the most beautiful and biggest pagodas in the Northern delta in Vietnam.

It is the place where worships Khong Lo great monk, one of the ancestor of Vietnam Buddhism, a well-known herb-doctor and also a great poet in Ly dynasty. Apart from Buddhist and Khong Lo great monk, Ms.Lai Thi Ngoc Le is worshipped here, who donated much money for building the pagoda. According to historical documents, Keo pagoda was built a long time ago.

However, until the year 1067, the pagoda was listed into the most famous beauty spots in the country. Due to the influence of the water level of the Red river, it was moved and rebuilt at the present site in 1611. 

The total area of the pagoda is 108,000 m2 of which 58,000 m2 is used for building 17 beautiful and magnificent works.The general architecture of the pagoda consists of 4 main works. The Tam Quan (three entrance gate) site consists of 3 inner partitions, 3 outer partitions, the left gate, the right gate, and carved walls. Crossing a large yard is the Buddhist Pagoda site which consists of 3 main works: 7 partitions of the Ong Ho seat, 3 partitions of the Buddhist Pagoda, and 3 partitions of the Buddhist Temple.

The Saint Temple consists of the seats namely Gia Roi, Sieu Huong, Phuc Quoc, and the cetral temple. The last one is a big 3 storey bell tower which is 11 metres high. To the East of the praying site is the left gate, to the West is the right gate, and behind it is the house for monks.

All architectural works of Keo pagoda are skilfully carved. Keo pagoda has nearly 100 Buddhist statues which are carved and modelled lively and soulful. It is said that “precious pagoda with precious statues”.

Therefore, Keo pagoda deserves to be a famous historical spot and an attractive tourist destination of Thai Binh province.

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